iBridge Display & Touch Flex
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iBridge Display & Touch Flex

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The most common flex from the iPhone 6 and 6+ sets - now available individually!

The famous iBridge is here. This gadget is a great time saver for open-ended cases where there is no signature fault. It has always been awkward to diode mode a connector, but not anymore. The iBridge makes it easy--the diode mode readings are written right there on the iBridge!

The iBridge really shines for voltage testing. To do any functional testing, you have to have the screen actually plugged into the connector. This is what generates the enable signals back to the system so that the device knows to create the voltages you are trying to measure. But...with the connector in use, how can you get your probes in there? The Qianli iBridge cleverly solves this by extending the flex and providing test points for every line, WHILE the screen is plugged in.

iBridge Flex Sets are available for:
iPhone 6/6p/6s/6sp/7/7p/8/8p/X