Universal NAND Stencil - 3D Black by Qianli
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Universal NAND Stencil - 3D Black by Qianli

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All your favorites in one---black design, 3D interface, square holes, made by QianLi.
These state of the art stencils represent the culmination of years of refining the classic iPhone bga stencil. QianLi has long been our favorite stencil maker and these stencils are their best yet. The black improves the contrast of the stencil during use, and they are easy to keep clean from stray solder paste. On our first try, the chip was perfectly reballed and slipped from the stencil effortlessly. Heaven to use.

Note that this stencil is labeled for the first model using each footprint.  The 6s stencil is compatible for iPhone 7 and the 8 stencil is compatible for iPhones up through iPhone 13.  The stencil is not compatible with iPhone 14.

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