Our Favorite Desoldering Braid/Wick 2mm
MG Chemicals

Our Favorite Desoldering Braid/Wick 2mm

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It's a myth that we never braid pads at iPad Rehab, but we do use wick WITH PURPOSE and not just because. For microbga pads on iPhone logic boards--wicking rarely makes sense. In order to mimic the way chips sink onto pasted pads during the factory manufacturing process, we prefer to seat chips on tinned pads, not bare wicked pads. However for high pitch large chip rework like CPU, or for plastic connector work---we thinking braiding makes sense.

When we use copper braid, we prefer a rosin-activated braid like this one, and we choose the 2mm size so that we can easily cut the braid to make small jumpers for some applications. Our chosen brand is MG chemicals because it is more uniform than china-produced labels commonly sold elsewhere.

This one is the brand that we use at iPad Rehab Microsoldering and in our training center.