Microsoldering Consumables Starter Pack
iPad Rehab Microsoldering

Microsoldering Consumables Starter Pack

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This is our starter pack for microsoldering. Our basic consumables kit includes full size versions of the following basics. These are the products that we use every day on iPad Rehab YouTube channel and in our shop:

Solder Wire: Kester Pocket Pak of 63/37 leaded solder

Flux: Premium Tacky Flux  - tcrscircuit 759-ASX Gen 2 High Performance No Clean Tacky Flux 10CC Syringe 

Solder Wick MG Chemicals 2mm rosin activated copper braid.

Silver Jumper Wire super fine 0.009 mm wire is perfect for placing jumpers that run underneath ICs. It is not enameled or coated in any way, so it is most useful for short jumpers like audio IC and touch IC.

Q tips--aka cotton swabs

Needle Tip Bottle--the classic isopropyl alcohol dispenser for cleaning logic boards

Red general purpose tweezers--for holding logic board shields during removal as well as disassembly/reassembly and connector work

63/37 leaded solder paste

Kapton tape