Mechanic Tail Insertion Tester Lightning/Type-C

Mechanic Tail Insertion Tester Lightning/Type-C

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This is Christy's new favorite tool in her iPad diagnostic playbook!

Mechanic T-824 Type-C Lightning interface Tail Insertion Detector for iPhone mobile phone tablet tail plug detection.

Mechanic T-824 High Precision Digital Display Tail Insertion Tester For Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac Android Phone.


1. The Lightning iPhone series produces intelligent measurement.

2. Type-C, various brands of mobile phones and laptops.

3. The product is designed with an aluminum alloy structure, and compact layout with high-specification ICs and components, ensuring high stability of the product.

4. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery.

5. Intelligent automatic detection rechecks the toggle switch.

6. The small screen displays multiple pieces of information, allowing for a panoramic view of measured values, saving more time for detection.

7. Mini compact is a necessary partner for work.

8. No need to disassemble.

9. Support TYPE-C and Lightning, support Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac, support all series of Android smartphones.