LP8550 BL Driver MacBook Air 11" / U7701 / U9701
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LP8550 BL Driver MacBook Air 11" / U7701 / U9701

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This is the LED driver for many Macbook Pros & Macbook Airs. It controls the DC to DC boost circuit that turns 8 or 12v into 26-39v for your laptop's screen light. If you want the surrounding resistors & diodes for different board types, look below! Do be careful that SMC_LID is 3.42v before you even think of replacing this chip. Remember, if the laptop thinks it's closed, the screen won't light up! Please check to ensure that this is the proper chip for your logic board.


LCD Backlight Driver Compatible for MacBook Air 11" / Pro Unibody 13" 15"

A1370 / A1369 / A1465 / A1466 / A1278 / A1286

BGA - 25 Pin