iSocket iPhone XS/Max split board test jig--DISCONTINUED

iSocket iPhone XS/Max split board test jig--DISCONTINUED

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If you already have the original iSocket for iPhone X, this is an essential tool for expanding to iPhone XS/Max logic board work at a lower cost than purchasing the new 3-in-1 iSocket for X/XS/XSMax.

After splitting the iPhone XS/Max logic board, a top mainboard can be attached to a known good bottom board in this iSocket, and vice versa to allow for troubleshooting. The iSocket jig will create temporary connections between the two half boards without having to resolder the boards for testing. We tried several similar iPhone XS split board jigs, and this one is our favorite for ease of use and robust design. We use this iPhone XS/Max iSocket test fixture in many of our videos on iPad Rehab YouTube.

This product is our favorite XS/XSMax jig and it includes some nice extras:
1.) Included extra pogo pins

2.) Included middle layer reballing stencil

3.) Included digitizer extension cable

Note: This model is for iPhone Xs/XsMax only.
If you don't already have an iSocket for iPhone X, consider the 3-in-1 iSocket for X/Xs/XsMax.