Digital Tristar Tester v3.0
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Digital Tristar Tester v3.0

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Since the Tristar Tester was first released, the manufacturers have worked to continuously improve this product.
The newest version will get you an answer faster than ever, with improved accuracy. An extension cable is also included to reduce wear and tear to the plug.

We are excited about this tristar tester tool. This tool is for busy stores for use at the front counter to help differentiate bad battery, charge port, and tristar failures. This tools is an easy to use, quick, customer-facing digital pass/fail result.  This tristar tester can pick up most common tristar failure at the front counter, saving valuable diagnostic time.   Tristar tester is especially great for diagnosing iPad charge port and tristar problems.

It is important to know how the tristar tester works, so please review our companion blog entry.

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