AmTech HandcraftUHF-TF No-Clean Tacky Flux
AmTech HandcraftUHF-TF No-Clean Tacky Flux
iPad Rehab Microsoldering

AmTech HandcraftUHF-TF No-Clean Tacky Flux

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This is an excellent no-clean tacky soldering and rework flux, designed specifically for the profession of microsoldering by hand.

Tacky paste consistency burns slower than liquid flux, and also holds BGA surface mount components in place for soldering.  This formulation is designed for hand-soldering electronics/automotive repairs.

  • Smooth dispensing and flow, excellent ability to hold components in place.
  • Easy flowing under IC chips.
  • Universal for leaded and lead-free alloys.
  • Offers spectacular low-voiding and truly no-clean performance in many professional soldering areas including SMD solder paste. 

This is the 10cc syringe that we use for iPhone microsoldering.  It lasts us about 4-6 months with daily use.  

Made in the USA by AMTECH MANUFACTURING using certified REACH-compliant raw materials.